Shipbuilding Experts Meet To Discuss Ways To Increase Automation And Productivity

Shipbuilding experts from the Navy, Maritime Administration and private industry met in Brunswick, Maine, on September 13- 14 as guests of Bath Iron Works to propose and evaluate methods of improving technological capabilities of U.S. shipbuilding.

The 25 representatives, from as far as San Diego, Calif., concentrated on techniques to increase computerized automation in shipbuilding during their conference at the Holiday Inn in Brunswick.

They are members of the technical society REAPS, an acronym for Research and Engineering for Automation and Productivity in Shipbuilding.

Their host, Bath Iron Works, is a recognized leader in utilizing advanced technology such as numerical control cutting equipment, and sophisticated computerized systems. The shipyard's management representative at the meeting was James Greenlaw, director of Systems and Data Processing, with automation experts Steve Endris and George Peck attending as the technical representatives.

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