Jered Gets Contracts Totaling $2 Million For Sewage Handline Systems

Jered Industries, 1300 South Coolidge Road, Birmingham, Mich. 48008, have recently been awarded two major contracts for their vacuum flush sewage handling system. The total value of the contracts are in excess of $2,000,000. Both systems comply with the Type III no-discharge requirements specified in the Part 159, Chapter 1, Title 33, Code of Federal Regulations.

Ingalls Shipbuilding Division of Litton Industries has awarded a contract for eight sewage disposal systems to be installed on four ships. The ships are additional DD-963 Class destroyers being built for Iran. This brings the total of DD-963 Class vessels equipped with the Jered Vacuum Flush Sewage Systems to 34.

Jered Industries pioneered the vacuum flush sewage system for large ships in the U.S. An initial contract was let by Litton Industries in 1972, the terms of which required dual system installation for 30 DD-963 Class destroyers. The DD-963 units accommodate a crew of 300, and incinerate the waste products producing a small residue of sterile ash. Several of the destroyers are currently in operation from ports on both the East and West Coasts of the U.S. The United States Coast Guard has made an award for 16 cutters cutters, comprising 23 sewage handling systems. The USCG cutters consist of nine Medium Endurance Class (WMEC 210) vessels and seven High Endurance Class (WHEC 378) vessels. The sewage units aboard the medium-endurance class will be capable of handling the black water and some grey water wastes for a crew of 56. Each of the high-endurance class vessels will be equipped with two independent systems. The forward unit will be designed to handle sewage and some grey water for 100 personnel, and the aft unit will handle similar wastes for 50 personnel. This is the second major contract let by the USCG for sewage system retrofits in two months.

Jered Industries, Inc. has successfully completed the certification procedures necessary, and has been granted U.S. Coast Guard certification number 159.15/1011,/ l/III. In addition, the Jered system has successfully completed a stringent qualification test program for the units installed aboard the DD-963 Class vessels. Delivery of the additional DD- 963 units is planned to commence in October 1977 and be complete by April 1978.

Delivery of the first USCG unit is scheduled for mid-June 1977, with the remaining units being shipped, on an accelerated delivery basis, within the year. Complete information on Jered Sewage Handling Systems may be obtained by contacting Michael Brian, Sales Manager, Jered Industries, Inc., 1300 South Coolidge Road, Birmingham, Mich.


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