Tankers To Install AIRFILCO Engineering Inert Gas Systems

AIRFILCO Engineering of New Orleans, La., has been awarded the contract to furnish two AIRFILCO Inert Gas Systems for the EXXON, U.S.A. tankers under construction at Avondale Shipyards, Inc.

This is the second such contract for AIRFILCO Engineering, Inc., the first being the four AIRFILCO Inert Gas Systems furnished for the SOHIO tankers also under construction at Avondale. Two additional AIRFILCO systems are under contract for vessels under construction at Sun Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. of Chester, Pa. These will be of design and fabrication of AIRFILCO Marine Installation, Newbury, England.

The Inert Gas Systems, which have a capacity of 12,500 SCFM each, will utilize the flue gasses for blanketing the cargo spaces as insurance against fire and explosions. The AIRFILCO Inert Gas Systems all but eliminate these dangers in and around cargo tanks during loading/ unloading and the voyage.

Inert Gas Systems are finding increased applications for vessels under construction and also aboard existing ships as retrofits packages. Recent developments whereby shipowners are employing crude oil tank washing techniques to minimize accumulation of sludge have resulted in an increased number of ships being retrofitted with Inert Gas Systems, together with onboard tank cleaning equipment. Crude oil tank washing systems also allow maximum utilization of tank capabilities and virtually eliminates lost time, expenses and potential pollution problems associated with conventional tank-cleaning techniques. For a free brochure detailing AIRFILCO Inert Gas Systems, write to Rita Curtis, Alexander Industries, Inc., 1901 Julia Street, New Orleans, La. 70113.

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