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Great Ships of 2019

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Christine Spencer receives a master’s of science in January 2020 from SUNY Maritime College. Her degree is in International

Transportation Management with a focus on the business of shipping.

Maritime Risk & lessons learned from

MRS 2019 @ SUNY Maritime College ast month SUNY Maritime sonAnalytix) and Jen Pederson (National manage risks posed to our current and American currency and HIV is now drug hosted the 10th Annual Mari- Risk Management Center). What does it future Marine Transportation System resistant! These are the sort of scenes time Risk Symposium, a fo- mean to pass on risk to our shareholders (MTS) and answer some of these ques- that the group members had to make

Lrum for industry, academia and and investors because we act in a negli- tions. RDML Andy Sugimoto, who cur- sense of and respond to. regulators to gather, exchange notes and gent manner? What does it mean to be rently serves as the Coast Guard’s As- However, when comparing these ? c- experiences, and chart the path forward at risk? How do we measure it? How do sistant Commandant for Intelligence, tional realities to some presented at the for maritime. Christine Spencer, SUNY we stay ahead of the curve in regards to said “we are in a seminal moment in MRS it is hard to sometimes tell the dif-

Maritime College, ITM Graduate Stu- risk in such a demanding and fast paced our marine transportation system” and ference. The reality of rising risk in to- dent, reports. environment? How does the United in the midst of doubts about the United days contested environment is one that

There is no doubt that marine and States compare to other global powers State’s current standing as a maritime has the ability to haunt anyone willing to road congestion are increasing, ves- and maritime nations? Does government nation, spirits lifted when there was talk pay attention. John Wolf (Morgan Stan- sels are getting larger, cyber threats are policy meet demand? How do we bal- about collaboration, innovation, future ley) shared an outer industry perspective ever growing and technology is rapidly ance legacy and the skillsets needed to leadership and the hope for change. The on risk and the billions of dollars at stake advancing. Not to mention, the level of operate effectively and train mariners in symposium was followed directly by and RADM Tiongson (USCG) shared automation today is unlike anything we an already stretched curriculum? How Project Evergreen, a strategic planning the ease of weaponizing Unmanned Aer- have ever seen and climate change is do we meet bottom lines yet combat cy- tool, used by the USCG for 20 years, ial Systems (UAS) and their ability to be affecting global food security and criti- ber threats? How should we spend our that attempts to provide effective future used in homegrown terrorism. cal infrastructure. Our geo political net- limited capital? preparation and planning for a variety Yet as the risks may haunt us, what works are in constant ? ux- leading to The 10th Annual MRS 2019: Un- of the future realities that the US could can help us rest easier is that forces to be trade wars and beyond and as a global derstanding and Managing Risks to the face regarding the security of our MTS. reckoned with like Dr. Martha Grabows- world we ourselves, our companies and Marine Transportation System hosted Creating a think tank like environment ki (Le Moyne College/Rennsselaer Poly- supply chains are more connected than by, SUNY Maritime College brought the project allowed participants to work technic Institute) are working diligently ever. Not just this, our risk is also more together federal experts, government of- together in groups to address theoretical to keep us safe despite our risk prone interconnected than ever. ? cials, industry professionals, research- realities as dramatic as a political drama environment.

At least, this is the argument of MRS ers, students and educational institutions or dark indie ? lm. The Chinese Yen MRS 2020 will be hosted by the Uni- speakers such as Cynthia Hudson (Hud- to address how to better understand and and cryptocurrency have overpowered versity of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign “We have to ? nd a way to diversify our institution and our industry”

RADM McDonald



The President’s Panel was the ? nal panel of the 10th Annual Maritime Risk Sym- posium, held last month at the Maritime College State University of New York.

Pictured left are: Eric Johansson, Professor, Marine Transportation, SUNY Mari- time College; RADM Michael Alfultis, President, SUNY Maritime College; RADM

Michael E. Fossum, Superintendent, Texas A&M Maritime Academy; and RADM

Francis X. McDonald, President of Massachusetts Maritime Academy, and panel moderator RADM Fred Rosa (USCG, Ret.), Johns Hopkins APL.

Photos: SUNY Maritime College & Maritime Reporter 12 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • DECEMBER 2019

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