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WWW.MARINELINK.COM 41global infrastructure. As such, it is one component of the Þ rst element of MTN Nexus:1) A hybrid satellite and terrestrial wire- less networkThe other two components of MTN Nexus comprise:2) A cloud computing-based optimiza- tion platform, and3) New products and services enabled only through this hybrid solutionWe will be announcing progress on the MTN Nexus network in the coming months. They will re ß ect all three ele- ments of our vision.As this is our Cruise Shipping edition, please elaborate on how Cruise Ships have been such an instrumental driver in development of modern maritime communication solutions. We built the MTN network to support cruise ships all over the world. Due to the diversity of destinations, the high communication demands of ß oat-ing cities-on-the-sea, and the indus-try?s exponential market growth, MTN has been successful at supplying this high-demand sector with critical com-munications solutions. That said, we are very pleased to serve our very Þ rst market ? the U.S. Government ? as well as the ferry, yacht, and oil & gas mar- kets. We learn a lot from our cruise in- dustry customers that we can translate to these other industries. It was in 1981 when Richard Hadsall installed the Þ rst licensed Ku-band stabilized vsat system on a cruise ship which revolutionized vsat for the maritime industry. How is MTN investing today to ensure its tomorrow? Our Product Innovation Team in Seattle is constantly coming up with solutions and offerings to exceed our customers? expectations. MTN hires software developers and engineers with the exceptional technology skills re-quired to build our next-generation com-munications infrastructure and network, as well as the products it will enable. We intend to continue leading delivery of Internet, content and social media at sea in ways never before imagined. Our Product Innovation Team is charged with raising the bar on ways customers can connect to people, content and appli-cations using cloud computing, mobile technology and advanced communica-tions. As MTN has for more than three decades, we plan to continue surprising the market with exceptional advances in consumer and enterprise connectivity. In overview, what do you count as the top challenge to running an efÞ cient and proÞ table business in this sector? Our key challenge is not mak- ing our business most efÞ cient and proÞ table, but our goal of making our customers more efÞ cient and pro Þ table. Increased connectivity demands can-not translate into increased bills. We must exercise our technology tenure and savvy to keep coming up with new ways to connect devices and deliver higher- bandwidth content in a cost-efÞ cient fashion. MTN is about delivering inno-vative ways for crew and customers to communicate in a way that brings value to the vessel.MR #2 (34-41).indd 41MR #2 (34-41).indd 412/3/2013 1:10:54 PM2/3/2013 1:10:54 PM

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