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WWW.MARINELINK.COM 13massive installation of navigation tech-nology on ships that have been using pa-per charts up until today. Some industry experts estimate that more than 80,000 new ECDIS systems will be delivered before 2018. On the technology side our industry continues to adopt consumer technologies for professional maritime use. Displays with multi-touch technol-ogy are very popular currently and more and more software applications are re-leased with support for this technology. We also see that panel computers are in- creasing in popularity. Where one used to have one computer and one display we now very often deliver a all in one panel computer instead.What has Hatteland Display intro- duced over the past year that have been geared to meet these needs? We spent our time during the Þ nancial crisis and invested a lot of money in a brand new product platform that we have named SeriesX. Many see our SeriesX platform as a step-change in product development for maritime use. Touch-screen technology, clean design with no physical buttons, optical bonding and integrated display and computer are key features of the SeriesX platform that comes in sizes from 7 to 26-in. The 24- in. SeriesX product in a panel computer version is currently setting the standard in the retroÞ t ECDIS market and has already been selected as the preferred product by a large number of ECDIS providers. During your tenure, how has the com- pany changed the most? DifÞ cult question and perhaps better answered by someone else than me. In just a few words I think we have become more professional, both in the way we work towards customers, but also in our internal operations.In general, how has business been in the past 12 months, and speciÞ cally by region, vessel or market sector, what looks to be ?hot? in the coming 12 months. During the last 12 months busi- ness has been quite good. We have real- ized growth in both sales and proÞ ts and successfully launched a whole range of new products. We have also had suc- cessful negotiations around new large projects that, together with the new prod-ucts introduced make us quite optimistic about the future. It is clearly the products applicable for the mandatory ECDIS op-portunities together with our smaller au-tomation displays that are the hottest at the moment.How is Hatteland Display investing to-day to ensure its future? Innovation is key to long term survival in our industry and therefore we continue to invest in product develop-ment over the coming months. Moreover, we are continuing to invest in our sup-ply chain in Asia to be able to have even more cost effective products in the future. On the market side one of the key drivers is the implementation of mandatory ECDIS for most vessel categories before 2018. This will lead to a massive installation of navigation technology on ships that have been using paper charts up until today. Some industry experts estimate that more than 80,000 new ECDIS systems will be delivered before 2018. MR #2 (10-17).indd 13MR #2 (10-17).indd 132/3/2013 2:03:22 PM2/3/2013 2:03:22 PM

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