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Free Booklet Offered On

Genstar's Range Of

Heavy Lift Vessels

Genstar Marine Ltd. of North

Vancouver, British Columbia,

Canada, a diversified marine transportation, shipbuilding and repair company, has published a 34-page full-color booklet detail- ing its vessels used in heavy lift transportation.

Included in the booklet are photographs and technical speci- fications on Genstar's range of oceangoing barges and tugs used to transport heavy-lift and mod- ular cargo. Vessels such as Gen- star's 400-foot-long submersible barges (used to carry offshore rigs for example), flat deck cargo barges, and tugs up to 9,000 hp are depicted. Genstar's fleet has 65 tugs and 300 barges.

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Ocean Carriers Seeks

MarAd Approval For T-5

Tankers Charter To MSC

The Maritime Administration has received a request from

Ocean Carriers, Inc., for section 805(a) permission for its affili- ates to be the bareboat charter- ers of up to five T-5 tankers to be time-chartered by the Military

Sealift Command (MSC). The

MSC charter agreement specifies that the tankers are to have worldwide trading privileges, which could include operations in the domestic coastal and inter- coastal trades.

Ocean Carriers was recently awarded a contract to construct and charter to the MSC two T-5 replacement tankers with op- tions for three more. They will be built by American Ship Build- ing Company for Ocean Product

Tankers, Inc., a subsidiary of

Ocean Carriers' parent company,

Ocean Shipholders, Inc. (see MR/

EN November 1982). The vessels, scheduled for delivery in 1984, will be bareboat chartered to other subsidiaries of Ocean Ship- holdings and time chartered to the MSC.

Section 805(a) of the Mer- chant Marine Act of 1936, as amended, prohibits subsidized op- erators and their affiliates from participating in domestic ship- ping activities without written permission from MarAd. Ocean

Carriers currently operates four subsidized vessels. The written permission from MarAd is re- quested only because of its affili- ation with the bareboat charters of the T-5 tankers. It does not propose to operate its chartered vessels in the domestic trades.

TeleSystems Concludes

Distribution Agreement

With Grove Of Canada

TeleSystems of Fairfax, Va., a Comsat Company, recently con- cluded an agreement with Grove

Telecommunications Ltd., where- by that Canadian company will become a major distributor for

TeleSystems, MCS-9000 maritime satellite communications termi- nal. Grove, located in St. Johns,

Newfoundland, will address the

Canadian offshore oil industry as its principal market.

A.W. Perigard, president of

TeleSystems, commenting on the agreement, said: "Grove is the only company operating in Can- ada dedicated exclusively to serv- icing the area of marine satellite communications, putting them in a prime position to successfully distribute the MCS-9000 in an active market. This agreement is a milestone of our long and mu- tually beneficial relationship."

The MCS-9000, designed and manufactured by TeleSystems, is a shipboard satellite terminal de- signed to provide the maritime community with a full range of communications capabilities. The

TeleSystems' terminal minimizes operator actions in call estab- lishment and maximizes system availability through reduced com- plexity. Featuring extremely com- pact below-decks equipment, ad- vanced terminal software, and a passively stabilized antenna sys- tem, the MCS-9000 meets or ex- ceeds all MARISAT and INMAR-

SAT specifications.

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The world leader in H.P.O. operated Marine GenSets 'hzSSr- •-••d Sa 1 ffiUr-r fUSr i

Hi = if heavy fuel

Cuit Q Ghi

H.F.O. marine GenSet

M.A.N.-B&W marine GenSets of to-day and for the future are based upon: • 85 years of experience in diesel engine design. • 70 years of experience in marine

GenSet design. • 45 years of experience in GenSet operation on H.F.O. • More than 5.0 mio accumulated service hours in marine GenSet on H.F.O. • Most extensive know-how and continuing research and develop- ment in the marine diesel field. • 500 kW - 4000 kW per unit at 720/750 RPM. =KVi>


M.A.N.-B&W Diesel 2, Ostervej, DK-4960 Holeby

Telephone: +453906026

Telex: 40646 hodiel dk

The GenSets are manufactured worldwide by the

MAN B&W's licensee organization and sold through more than 20 M A N BbW branch offi cies and more than 45 agents

Uni fuel concept

The future belongs to the M.A.N.-

B&W uni fuel concept: • Marine GenSets and Main Engine operate on the same heavy fuel. • Simplified fuel oil system. • Simplified and cheaper bunker- ing. • Marine GenSets designed to ope- rate on fuels up to 7,000 Sec. R.1 and for »future« fuels.

MAN GHH (Canada Inc I 6600 Trans Canada Hwy Suite 210 Pointe Claire Quebec H9R 4S2 Canada • M A N GHH (Canada. Inc West Region Office Suite 707 5940 Mac leod Trail

Str Calgarv Al T2H 2G4 Canada • B&W Diesel Inc 50 Broadway New York NY 10004 USA • American M A N Corporation West Coast Office 9 first Str San Fransisco CA 94 106

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