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1983 Oil Spill

Conference Program (continued from page 21)

Eugene R. Fidell, LeBoeuf, Lamb, Leiby and MacRae, Washington, D.C.

Robert C. Anderson, American Petro- leum Institute, Washington, D.C. 8:30 a.m. Mission Room A

Session 16: Contingency

Planning II

Chairman: Windsor Williams, CALTEX

Petroleum Corporation, Dallas, Texas

Vice Chairman: Columbus Brown, U.S.

Fish and Wildlife Service, Washington,


Applying OHMSETT Data to Spill Con- tingency Plans

H.W. Lichte and M. Borst, Mason and

Hanger-Silas Mason Company, Inc.,

Leonardo, New Jersey

Marine Industry Group (MIRG)

Robert J. Meyers and Michael R. Ben- nett, Exxon Shipping Company, Hou- ston, Texas

Review of United Kingdom Contingency

Planning and Resource Capability

Rear Admiral Michael L. Stacey, Depart- ment of Trade, London, England

Organizational Obstacles to Decision-

Making During Oil Spills

H.E. Mew, Jr., North Carolina Depart- ment of Natural Resources and Com- munity Development, Raleigh, North

Carolina; Ann Hayward Rooney-Char,

College of William and Mary, Gloucester

Point, Virginia; Captain James D. Webb,

U.S. Coast Guard, Norfolk, Virginia

Offshore Oil Spill Equipment Evolution in Southern California — A Systems


Commander Lindon A. Onstad, U.S.

Coast Guard, Long Beach, California


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Telex: 94-3459

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Tampa, FL, USA, Tel. 813-877-9418

New Orleans, LA, USA, Tel. 504-835-6491

Houston, TX, USA, Tel. 713-941-2700

Los Angeles. CA, USA, Tel. 213-533-5959

Seattle, WA, USA, Tel. 206-285-6843

Copenhagen, Denmark, Tel. 45-1-570611

Oil Spill Preparedness in a Tropical

Offshore Area

Ging Tuang Tan, Sarawak, Shell Berhad,


ABSORB: A Three Year Update in Arctic

Spill Response

Sharon O. Hillman and Richard V.

Shafer, Sohio Alaska Petroleum Com- pany, Anchorage, Alaska 8:30 a.m. Mission Room B

Session 17: Equipment II

Chairman: John Gilbert, U.S. Environ- mental Protection Agency, Cincinnati,


Vice Chairman: Keith F. Kruk, Exxon

Production Research Company, Hou- ston, Texas

Self-Contained Oil Recovery System for

Use in Protected Waters

Steven Cohen, U.S. Coast Guard, Wash- ington, D.C. and Stephen Dalton, Off- shore Devices, Inc., Peabody, Massa- chusetts

OHMSETT Tests of Truck-Mounted Vac- uum Systems for Oil Spill Recovery

Donald C. Gates, Kevin M. Corradino and William R. Senftner, Mason and

Hanger-Silas Mason Company, Inc.,

Leonardo, New Jersey

OHMSETT Pump Tests

M. Borst, R.J. Cocherell and H.W. Lichte,

Mason and Hanger-Silas Mason Com- pany, Inc., Leonardo, New Jersey

Research and Development in the In- stitute of Ocean Environmental Tech- nology

Atsuo Yazaki, Japan Foundation for

Shipbuilding Advancement, Tokyo, Japan

A Portable Instrument for Screening Spill and Source Oil Samples

J. Richard Jadamec, Gerd A. Kleineberg,

MST2 Duane A. Marble and MST3 Lisa

A. Wargo, U.S. Coast Guard Research and Development Center, Groton, Con- necticut

Mobile Command and Communication


J.T. Leigh, Texaco, Inc., Beacon, New

York and William C. Park, Mobil Oil

Corp., New York, New York

Enhanced Oil Biodegradation: A New

Operational Tool to Control Oil Spills

Bernard Tramier and Andre Sirvins,

Societe Nationale, Elf Aquitaine (Pro- duction), France 12:00 noon North Banquet Hall


James H. Gillie

Assistant to the Vice President of Public Affairs, Phillips 66 "Right On Instead of Rip Off" 2:00 p.m. River Room

Session 18: Spill Detection and

Risk Analysis

Chairman: Charles W. Sieber, U.S. Coast

Guard, Washington, D.C.

Vice Chairman: George Clouden, U.S.

Naval Facilities Engineering Com- mand, Alexandria, Virginia

U.S. Coast Guard Progress in Oil Spill


Commander James R. White and Lt.

Commander Richard E. Schmidt, U.S.

Coast Guard, Washington, D.C.

An Approach to Observing Oil at Sea

Robert Pavia and D.L. Payton, National

Oceanic and Atmospheric Administra- tion, Seattle, Washington

Second Generation Oil Spill and Mari- time Surveillance Systems Now Opera- tional in Sweden

Lars Backlund and Lars Holmstrom,

Swedish Space Corporation, Solna,


A Reexamination of Occurrence Rates

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