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Fuel-management data. Navigation data.

Trip data. And vessel monitoring. Now there's a total vessel management system that provides all the vital data you need— at a single point.

There's never been anything like the new

TI8000 Integrated Marine System from

Texas Instruments.

The unique TI8000 offers you the key to more efficient and economical vessel operation. In the '80s and beyond. It saves time and money, and performs many complex tasks automatically.

Hundreds of readings available

The TI8000 puts hundreds of critical readings at your command. All from a single keyboard.

Simply tell the TI8000 the data you want. And it will instantly display the data—all fully correlated—on a video screen.

Loran C, Transit Sat-Nav, fuel flow meters, fuel level meters, and other sensors all report to the TI8000. And it reports directly to you.

Saves costly fuel

Keeping your fuel costs down gets tougher each year. The TI8000 can help. In a big way. - - 1 5 - 39 - —1 " 1 8 _ - 1 2 — - 25 _ - 8 - 9 - 29 - • 1 - 6 m 6 -mm- I 5 - ; L 4 3

L 9 ft

I 9 5 - - 2 8

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J 1 3 7 5 7 . 3 "J

The first fuel-management display shows the fuel bum rate of engines 1 and 2 in gallons per hour, the rpm of each engine, and speed-over-the-bottom compared with speed-through-the-water.

Its fuel-management system gives you an easy, accurate way to monitor, adjust, and control vessel fuel consumption.

And in short, reduce your fuel and operating costs.

From helping you save fUel... to retracing a profitable fishing run... to alerting you to dangerous on-board conditions, the TI8000 provides the key to efficient vessel management. ©1983 TI

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