Electro-Nav's New Watch Receiver Meets I M C O Requirements

IMCO Resolution A.383 mandates that seagoing vessels must be equipped with a watch receiver tuned to the 2182 kHz voice distress frequency, which must be monitored 24 hours a day while the vessel is at sea.

Electro-Nav president Robert E.

Negron recently unveiled his company's new EN2182-GR "Lifesaver" watch receiver, designed to comply with IMCO and with the provisions of most European maritime r e g u l a t o r y agencies Lifesaver has already been approved by the Greek Government's E.E.P. and L i b e r i a 's B.M.A.

"Lifesaver differs in several respects from the EN2182R Watchreceiver we introduced last year," said Mr. Negron. "The operator can choose to filter or mute incoming signals so as to minimize interference with his watch duties.

An integral digital clock automatically lifts the filter or mute d u r i n g s i l e n t periods, and is mounted on the front panel where it can easily be seen at all times. And Lifesaver can receive EPIRB aircraft distress frequency transmissions. These operating characteristics are the very ones called for in the directives of most of the European regulating bodies." The new watch receiver comes with its own integral speaker, and with provisions for a remote loudspeaker with controls that permit comprehensive monitoring at any location aboard ship. Easyto- mount antenna and mounting hardware are furnished with the unit; a deluxe whip antenna is also available. Installation is said to be • simple, and can be performed by ship's personnel.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 7,  Feb 15, 1981

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