February 15, 1977 - Maritime Reporter and Engineering News

SNAME Publishes Full Computer Analysis Of Shipping Operations

A project that has been 10 years in the making by the Marine Systems Committee of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers has now come to fruition with the publication of a complete computer analysis of any number of shipping operations using advanced surface craft such as hydrofoils or aircushion vehicles.

This milestone publication can aid a prospective operator in choosing which type of craft to utilize, either in a high-speed cargo and/or passenger service.

Up until the publication of this economic model, there has not been sufficient definitive information available from which prospective buyers could assess the probable economic results.

Making use of this material, entitled "Advanced Surface Craft Economic Model," can give an operator a hypothetical dollars and cents "bottom line" using any type of marine transportation.

Once assimilated, an engineer working with the computer program, which is available either as a card deck or magnetic tape, can investigate the payout of all types of craft in any given service, even in a situation concerning mass transportation.

The entire methodology, which consists of an explanation of the program, the hand-calculated version and the computer version in an abbreviated program is contained in the 75-page book. The detailed economic model, Appendix "D," is included with each copy.

The work conducted in preparing this study was performed under Panel MS-1 of the Marine X Systems Committee by James M. Pruett of Louisiana State University, under a cost-shared contract from SNAME and the Maritime Administration. While it provides a means of establishing an economic analysis of a system using advanced surface craft, the material is presented in such manner that permits analysis of other vehicles, including displacement hulls.

The Technical and Research Bulletin 5-1 (Advanced Surface Craft Economic Model) is available from the Society at $13.50 per copy if payment accompanies the order. Society member price is $9. The computer card deck duplicates can be purchased for $150. For additional information, write to the Society's Publications Department at 74 Trinity Place, New York, N.Y. 10006.

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