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Cryogenic Control Valves Offer Economies At Subzero Temperatures

A line of cryogenic control valves that includes cage-trim design in smaller sizes is available from Leslie Co. Designated class DOCS and DLCS, the valves will handle liquefied gases, low temperature vapors and twophase fluids such as nitrogen, acetylene and methane. They are particularly suited for LNG tanker and shoreside service.

The valves handle high-pressure drops in either throttling or on/off service and will maintain flow characteristic and tight shut-off and start-up through cool-down and defrost.

Other key features include: positive guiding, for accurate control and reduced trim wear; top-opening construction, for easy trim inspection or replacement; wide actuator selection and optional soft-seat design, for zeroleakage in nitrogen and methane service.

Engineered for cryogenic service, construction materials will withstand severe temperature and pressure fluctuations. An extension neck protects packing and facilitates piping in cold box installation.

Trim materials are 316 stainless steel with stellite or Kel-F seating. Body bolts are located outside orf piping stress areas to eliminate gasket crush problems.

The valves are available in sizes from 1-inch through 10-inch (25 mm through 250 mm), with a variety of end connections and actuators. In the 1- to 2-inch size range (25 mm to 50 mm), valves are of the cage trim design. Body materials are type 316 and 316L stainless steel. Optional features include a manual operating device, limit switches, boosters, positioners, motion transmitters and controllers.

For more information, write to Raymond F. Robertori, Leslie Co., 401 Jefferson Road, Parsippany, N.J. 07054.

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