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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Courtesy Sonardyne International

Sonardyne’s technology is widely used in ocean science operations, including seabed monitoring, coastal science applications, ocean observations and aquaculture. water optical communication link), en- abling larger quantities of data to be re- trieved from an ROV or AUV. All logged data can be downloaded from safe storage

Every horse. when the unit is recovered.

The essence of SMART is ? exibility

Full power. and con? gurability, and the ability to con- nect to different sensors and data sources

All day.

is an integral part of the SMART product line. However, these are not the only op-


tions: SMART is available in a range of materials from aluminum and aluminum bronze through super-duplex stainless steel for the highest possible corrosion resistance. Other options include longer ‘maxi’ housings for increased battery ca- pacity and different connector types and, if required, other functions, including

Peak performance. Cool efciency. R.W. Fernstrum’s acoustic positioning, can be added to the team ensures you get the most efective cooling system that accounts for every load and condition of monitoring system.

your real world. So you’re in the water and ready for the job ahead.

Technology Platforms –



Keel Cooler

Cool when you need it. Boxcooler®

Optical Communications

R.W. Fernstrum cooling solutions.

In addition to developing acoustic tech- nologies, Sonardyne has in recent years moved into the area of free-space optical fs oeWave & ida utoo ousV esses| uoys Ofsh Aut Au onomous Vessels | Buoys s | O Ofshore Wave & Tida s | Ofshore Wave &T idal Generators | Semi-Submersiblesv & T d l Gee atos | Se Subesibl b es communications, successfully bringing to

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