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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Digital Ocean

Making Subsea Data More Easily Accessible

By Tom Mulligan he digital ocean is a reality and been applied to the high-precision posi- different application areas, including

U.K.-based digital commu- tioning of structures and equipment, to ocean science, exploration, aquaculture nications marine technology the navigation of unmanned vehicles, and other similar markets.

T? rm Sonardyne International digital acoustic and optical communi-

Ltd is one of the organizations driving cation systems, to asset monitoring and Technology Platforms – innovation to enable the extension of data logging and for high-resolution Acoustics electronic and communications connec- subsea imaging. With millions of dol- Sonardyne has developed an industry- tivity into the subsea domain. Based on lars being spent daily, oil and gas sec- leading wideband digital communica- a presentation given by Tom Rooney, tor companies are the most demanding tions platform upon which most of the

Lead Trainer at Sonardyne, at the Digital customers, as they expect high levels of company’s acoustic systems are based

Ocean conference held in Galway, Ire- reliability and robustness, highly ef? - which is now in its sixth generation land in June 2017, this article describes cient operations and supplier support in (6G). The ‘pin-up’ product for this tech- the current state of play in the subsea the harshest of environments. It was this nology is the Computing and Telemeter- acoustics and optical communications level of expectation that drove Sonar- ing Transponder (Compatt 6), a highly technology ? eld, presents examples of dyne’s research into and development of adaptable and con? gurable instrument the many ways these technologies are new communications technologies for that is used in a wide range of applica- being applied and considers how the use in the subsea environment. tions. It is made up of an acoustic trans- digital ocean may work in the future. Maritime security is also a key mar- ducer with different frequency-band

U.K.-based subsea acoustics and ket for the company, with technology and beam-width options, advanced pro- digital communications specialist So- and application variations on a similar cessors, batteries, an optional release nardyne International has been a major theme to those of the oil and gas sec- mechanism, and a suite of science-grade player in the offshore energy sector for tor, thus demonstrating the adaptability sensors. In total, there are more than many years. Its technology portfolio has of its technology to a wider variety of 3,000 possible con? gurations of Com-

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