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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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new ways of reducing power consumption and extending the media platforms such Twitter and LinkedIn has also played a lifetime of each ? oat. Johnson said, “Those ? oats are only able key role in driving innovation and change in industries from to do a few hundred pro? les before they run out of battery and Oil & Gas to academia. Today, businesses are communicating sink to the sea ? oor. About 800 a year are dying and effec- more often than ever before, quickly sharing ideas about proj- tively ending up on a land? ll site that is hidden from our view. ects and new robotic concepts online.

With a combination of multiple innovations, we are able to Hook said, “Beforehand, we used to go to conferences and take this from around 3.5 kilojoules to about 350 joules - ten try to book meetings or catch a few minutes with someone. percent of the original power consumption. That means the It was a slow process. Now, I’m exchanging messages with ? oats can make either a lot more measurements in a shorter people on LinkedIn about projects in the evening or while I’m period or run for many more years. But as an industry, there is stuck on the train. People are talking way more often. I read still a lot we can do to reduce the amount of power consump- something on LinkedIn from RBR quite regularly now, when tion so that the instruments last longer and fewer batteries are before I would only see this content when a magazine come used. Dumping batteries on the sea ? oor is something we through the door, a paper was published or at a networking should be doing our utmost to avoid” event. Communication has been a real catalyst in innovation and change. We are swapping information every day. More-

Open Discussion and Collaboration over, ASV Global are engaging more often with big blue-chip

The rise in networking and collaborations born from social companies. I think you will see a trend of big blue-chips work-

Credit: ASV Global

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