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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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The IVER2 AUV is a well known small man-portable AUV Underwater Systems and Technologies (LABUST) for track- manufactured by Ocean Server Technology, Inc (http://www. ing of underwater objects communication router between the With a proven track record over thou- surface and the underwater navigation aid.

sands of missions, it is ideal for imaging and environmental The air components are two SKYWALKER X8 (low-cost surveys, including research, development, and OEM based Components Off-The-Shelf) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, modi- applications. The IVER2 design allows to integrate new sen- ? ed at the LSTS, which allows for quickly deployable sur- sors and capabilities. Sparus II AUV is a multipurpose light- veillance missions. It’s a hand launchable vehicle perfected weight hovering vehicle with mission-speci? c payload area for low altitude reconnaissance scenarios with live video feed manufactured by IQUA (a spin-off company from the Uni- used here as communication relay for AUVs when out of versity of Girona, The payload area range.

can be customized by the end-user and with an open software Any new open asset can be added to the ? eet just tuning architecture, based on ROS, for mission programming. Remus communications and integration in the Command and Control is manufactures by Hydroid ( Neptus software. Neptus is a Distributed Command and Con- hydroid), a wholly owned subsidiary of Kongsberg Maritime trol Infrastructure for the operation of all types of unmanned leading manufacturer of advanced, innovative Autonomous vehicles developed at the LSTS (University of Porto, https://

Underwater Vehicles and marine robots for deep sea survey It supports the different phases and mapping worldwide. of a typical mission life cycle: planning, simulation, execution

The surface component of the system is an Unmanned Sur- and post-mission analysis and can be adapted by operators to face Vehicle (USV), an autonomous overactuated surface plat- ? t mission-speci? c requirements and extended by developers form (PlaDyPos) with 4 thrusters. This con? guration enables through a comprehensive plug-in framework.

motion in the horizontal plane under any orientation. The After the deployment of the vehicles in the water, a series platform has been developed at the University of Zagreb Fac- of interactions between agents and operators take place. The ulty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Laboratory for positions of vehicles and recorded information by the AUVs

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