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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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? eet of robotic assets for in water oil detection and monitoring University of Cyprus – OC-UC, Universidade do Porto - UP, was proved. University of Zagreb - UZ, Sociedad Española de Salvamento

Transforming this concept in an operative tool requires the y Seguridad Marítima - SASEMAR, Irish Coast Guard - ICG, improvement of the already existing system, the expansion of The Scottish Association for Marine Science - SAMS, Tal- the ? eet with new assets and the transfer of know-how to oil lin University of Thechnology - TUT, Universitat de Girona - spill responders. The main goals and expected results of this UG, Universitat de les Illes Balears – UIB and the Norwegian project are: University of Science and Technology – NTNU.

The e-URready4OS system is a ? eet of multiple assets with • Expand the already existing URready4OS ? eet (from 5 to different capabilities and characteristics comprising AUVs 12 assets) capable of detecting oil in water. (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles), USVs (Unmanned Sur- • Provide training to new teams joining the ? eet by per- face Vehicles) and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) from forming exercises. six different manufacturers coordinated by an open source • Improve the current system with new software develop- command and control software (NEPTUS).

ments comprising a speci? c version of Neptus. The AUVs ? eet incorporate three LAUVs, two IVER2, two • Increasing the capability of the open source freely avail- Sparus and one Remus 600. The Light Autonomous Under- able MEDSLIK-II model for tracking small scale spills. water Vehicle (LAUV) is manufactured by OceanScan MST • Transfer the know-how to Maritime Safety Agencies (a spin-off company from the Underwater Systems and Tech- (MSA) through short theoretical and practical courses. nology Laboratory – LSTS - University of Porto, http://www. targeted at innovative standalone or

Eleven institutions, universities and MSAs, from eight EU networked operations for cost-effective oceanographic, hy- countries constitute the partnership: Universidad Politécnica drographic and security and surveillance surveys. Based on a de Cartagena - UPCT (Coordinator); Oceanographic Center - modular design, the platform is built to be robust and reliable.

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