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Innovative Products & Boats – 2019

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This month, MarineNews showcases the ten best of North America’s 2019 workboat deliveries and designs. Domestic shipyard production – across a wide spectrum of missions, hull types, propulsion and design innovations – continued at a good clip in 2019. A decidedly robust commitment to continued environmental enhancements highlighted the unique approach to making those ‘dull, dirty and dangerous’ workboat tasks just a little bit easier.

As this year edges closer to its end, the domestic offshore energy support sector still struggles to recover from one of its worst turndowns since offshore energy was born. Conventional wisdom says that the long- awaited offshore wind boom is just over the horizon, but if so, it is taking its time getting here. Fortunately, other sectors have been happy to take the spotlight in its absence. And, despite any lagging momentum in the offshore sectors, the past 12 months yielded plenty in way of domestic production and designs.

As always, and if a hull was delivered or a new design was introduced in 2019, then we took a look at it, with several areas as a focus for inclusion into this edition. The ten vessels included in this year’s spotlight span the gamut of workboat functionality, environmental footprint and mission sets. These include ferries, tugboats, autonomous vessels, ATB’s, hybrid and/or electric vessels, offshore energy/wind support craft, multi-mission & patrol boats, pilot boats, research vessels, and

Great Lakes newbuilds. There was excitement in every one of those sectors.

Catering to myriad requirements and missions, North American builders, supported by forward-thinking operators and innovative naval architects, churned out a steady list of quality vessels and designs, each unique in its own way. The best of those designs and deliveries are chronicled below:

EV CAPTAIN BEN MOORE from Derecktor LIBBY L. MCCALL from Gulf Craft

Credit: Incat Crowther

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