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Dredging & Marine Construction

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Ten Proposals for Recommendation in alphabetical order by State … at a glance


Restoring San Francisco Bay's Natural Infrastructure

CA SPD w/Dredged Sediment: Strategic Placement

Haleiwa Small Boat Harbor Maintenance Dredging and Beach Restoration


Public Beach Protection Pilot in Four Illinois Coastal Communities


Deer Island Lagoon Project


Benefcial Use Placement Opportunities in NJ Using Navigation


Channel Sediments: Barnegat Inlet

Condado Lagoon

PR (*) SAD

Crab Bank Seabird Sanctuary


Hickory Cove Marsh Restoration and Living Shoreline


Grays Harbor South Jetty Sand Placement Pilot Project


Mississippi River Upper Pool 4: Benefcial Use of Dredged Material

WI MVD (*) PR = Puerto Rico. MSC: “Major Subordinate Command,” pertains to a State’s particular regional Division (e.g. POD, SAD, etc.) / Project costs will be developed by the Districts. Contractors are not known at this time.

dergo closer analysis within USACE’s • Rebuild becomes a “frst specifc regional offces. line of defense” in dampening tidal forces.

1. Restoring San Francisco Bay’s Natural Infrastructure with Dredged Sediment: 2. Haleiwa Small Boat Harbor Maintenance Strategic Placement Dredging and Beach Restoration

Location: San Francisco, CA Location: Island of Oahu, HI

Summary: Pilot implementa- Summary: Federal navigation tion of innovative strategic place- sediments will stabilize the seawall, ment technique by placing dredged enhance the eroding shoreline and sediment from a federal navigation prevent exposure of a sewage treat- project adjacent to a tidal wetland ment facility.

using tides and currents to trans- Highpoints: port sediments to the marsh plain. • The frst-time that federal

Highpoints: navigation sediments will • “Strategic placement be used in such a project.

technique” is the critical • Helps meet the need for concept. Note that fnal sand resources, which placement depends on tides are scarce in Hawaii.

and currents to augment • Seawall stabilization.

mudfats, marshes, and • Erosion prevention, breached salt ponds. particularly important in • Reduces offshore disposal. this locale for coral and • Stabilizes the shoreline. marine life.

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